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J. Grimm Homes in Darlington, PA, can help you with a wide variety of manufactured homes and rentals. Whether it is a pre-owned home, sectional home, or modular home, we have exactly what you want. At our Darlington location, we have homes in our show yard that you can tour through. You can also look at homes in our online gallery. Contact us online, or call (724) 827-2060 to learn more and see how affordable a manufactured home can be.

Have a Single- or a Double-Wide Home Delivered to Your Land or Park

We can deliver single-wide and double-wide manufactured homes to your land or park. Single-wide homes are usually no more than 18 feet in width and no more than 90 feet in length. Double-wide homes can range between 1,000 and 2,300 square feet. J Grimm Homes is an independent dealer of Skyline Homes, Dutch Housing, and Colony Homes.





Tour Our Models!

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Whether you are looking to purchase a new sectional home or pre-owned modular home, contact J Grimm Homes. With new manufactured home purchases, we offer both a full one-year warranty and an extended warranty. The pre-owned manufactured homes are well-inspected and up-to-code in time for you to move in.

Get Peace of Mind and Assurance with an Emergency Fire Rental Home

J Grimm Homes has emergency fire rentals for displaced families. Should you be faced with an emergency and need temporary housing, we can bring a modular home to your property. Living in a hotel or motel as an alternative is often expensive and could prove inconvenient. Finding somewhere to accommodate your pets, children, and yourself can add more stress to an already stressful time.

If your home was damaged by a fire or flood, we can put a roof over your head. Our mobile home rental prices are reasonable and affordable.

We Offer Financing Options, Plus Help with Parts and Skirting

When purchasing a home, financing can be a challenge. J Grimm Homes can help. We offer financing options and loan services for manufactured homes, sectional homes, modular homes, and more. After we help with the financing, we can assist you in finding contractors who understand the parts and skirting for manufactured homes.

Proudly Serving Customers Throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania

For more than 40 years, J Grimm Homes has offered reliable, quality real estate services. You can contact us from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve customers in and around:

Beaver Falls, PA
New Castle, PA
Aliquippa, PA
Economy, PA
Franklin Park, PA
Neville Township, PA
Butler, PA
And surrounding areas

J Grimm Homes in Darlington, PA, is the smart choice for manufactured homes.