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Financing and Loans
for Manufactured Homes

Fill Out an Application to Purchase a Home or Land For Modular Homes

Let J Grimm Homes in Darlington, PA, help you with financing and loans to purchase a manufactured home. Our services help people buy new and pre-owned houses, as well as land for modular homes. Download the credit application and fill it out with the details we need to help you. We require a minimum of three years’ employment history. For more information about us and how we can help, call (724) 827-2060, or contact us online.

Some Basic Information About the J Grimm Homes Credit Application

The application for financial services breaks down into two sections. Individuals need to complete section A. If filling out the application jointly, sections A and B will need completed. Married couples do not need to complete a joint application. If your credit references and your credit history are under another name, let us know. Intentionally falsifying information on the application is a crime.

Assortments of Double-Wide Modular Homes, Sectional Homes, and More

Before applying for financing, contact J Grimm Homes to find a new manufactured home or pre-owned home. We have a vast selection of single- and double-wide modular homes, sectional homes, and more. After we help you with financing, we can find you professionals to assist with installing or fixing parts and skirting. If you need it, we also offer emergency fire rentals.

Visit J Grimm Homes for Model Tours, or Check Out Our Online Gallery

Check out our online gallery to see your options, or contact us to schedule a model home tour. J Grimm Homes is dedicated to helping you find your dream home. Our staff is available by appointment throughout the Darlington, PA, area:

Beaver Falls, PA
New Castle, PA
Aliquippa, PA
Economy, PA
Franklin Park, PA
Neville Township, PA
Butler, PA
And surrounding areas

Let J Grimm Homes in Darlington, PA, help you with financing and loans.