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Single-Wide and Double-Wide

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For single-wide and double-wide modular homes in the Darlington, PA, area, contact J Grimm Homes. We work with Skyline, Dutch Housing, and Colony Homes, among other manufacturers. Come visit our show yard to check out our model homes for yourself. For more information about us and how we can serve you, contact us online, or call (724) 827-2060.

Understanding the Differences Between Single- and Double-Wide Homes

Modular homes are an affordable way to own a house. Often, modular home owners get more space for their money because of how inexpensive they are. That being said, deciding between a single- and a double-wide home can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing.

Single-Wide Homes
A typical single-wide modular home is roughly around 15 feet wide and can be as long 90 feet. Single-wide modular homes usually fit on a single semi-trailer, for easier relocation. Because of the smaller size, single-wide modular homes are perfect for couples who have no children or for single individuals. They also tend to be more affordable than double-wide modular homes because of their smaller square footage.

Double-Wide Homes
On average, a double-wide modular home’s width is twice the size of a single-wide mobile home. The larger floor plan can comfortably accommodate many people and provide opportunities for customization. Because of the larger size, however, more land is necessary to hold double-wide homes, resulting in a higher price. Furthermore, double-wide homes can take longer to occupy, as they usually get shipped separately in two trailers, then assembled on-site.

J Grimm Homes Helps with Parts and Skirting, Sells Alternative Homes

Maybe a modular home is not quite what you need. No problem! Contact J Grimm Homes for other new manufactured homes, pre-owned homes, and more. We can customize a sectional home for you or help you find one already designed. If necessary, we can also provide an emergency fire rental. We even help with financing and with parts and skirting.

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Providing quality and reliable service throughout the area is what we do at J Grimm Homes. Feel free to contact us Monday through Saturday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to learn more. With our show yard and office in Darlington, PA, we provide service to customers from:

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